Marproof Custom Table Pads

Marproof Table Pad Company is a straight honest good quality table pad company.

We Don’t have

  2. Black Friday sales
  3. 50% off every other day sale
  4. Buy One get One Free sale
  5. $59.99 table pads that end up costing you $200 sale

We manufacture the best pads at a fair and straightforward price. You won’t pay extra for a special color, for a special shape, or Rush orders, our motto is IF WE CAN DO IT WE WILL. No up charge.

You might find a less expensive table pad, but it won’t be top quality like the table pads we produce

We want you to have a good quality good fitting table pad, that will last you for many years. That’s why even if you place your order online, we will not manufacturer the pad until we speak to you to make sure the measurements were done correctly.

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The ultimate in production and beauty, our ELITE table pad will guard your table top against scratches, nicks and accidental damage by serving pieces as hot as 500 F. It has exceptional sound reducing and shock absorbing qualities. The ELITE is available in your choice of 16 wood grain finishes and a choice of 5 bottom velour colors.

Now Featuring Hidden Magnetic Locking System

Our “Magnetic locking system” hold all table pad sections together. These magnetic locks connect magnet to magnet, not magnet to steel, giving you 100% more strength.

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